The Bears Badly Need Their Bye Week

1179412361.0.jpgchicago sun-times

London did not treat the reigning NFC North Champions well. Besides a 21 point third quarter, the Bears got manhandled by the Oakland Raiders on their way to a 24-21 loss. If you watched the game, you know the Raiders easily could have won that game about 35-7 if it weren’t for a miscommunication fumble on a pitch, a fumble on the goal line inches from a touchdown, and a 70-yard punt return by Tarik Cohen. What’s going on with the Bears?

The defense isn’t always going to be the unit it was against the Vikings, but my goodness did they get blown off the ball on Sunday. The Bears, who had been giving up less than 60 yards rushing per week, allowed the Raider running backs to amass 170 rushing yards. The defensive line looked gassed and overwhelmed almost all game. Not only did Oakland run all over the Bears, but they also didn’t give up a sack. A Khalil Mack-led defense didn’t come close to putting Derek Carr on the grass all game. He didn’t light up the scoreboard, but Carr did everything their offense needed to win that ball game.

The scariest part for the Bears is that I don’t think they’ve had 4 quarters worth of decent offense in 5 entire games. Besides the first half against the Redskins, some of the first half against the Vikings, and the third quarter in this game, the offense has been completely stagnant all year. Everyone might be quick to blame quarterback play, but the offensive line has been the most disappointing all season. The run game is averaging close to 3 yards per carry and the quarterback can’t seem to go through his progressions in a clean pocket. Obviously, I’m underwhelmed by Trubisky and Daniel’s performances so far, but not all the weight of the poor offense can be attributed to them.

Luckily, the game in London was a Raiders home game. Also, the Bears can regroup this upcoming week during their bye and figure out what’s going wrong. The defense should come back Week 7 and look better than this Sunday, but the offense is going to be highly scrutinized coming off the bye. Hopefully, Chase Daniel will be a game manager and not turn the ball over. He won’t throw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns, but he should be able to keep the Bears in the game if he is smart with the football. One day, the Bears will have a franchise quarterback and dominant offense, but today is not the day, and this season, certainly, is not the season. In typical Bears fashion, this team will be defined by its defense week to week, so we can only hope for a big bounce back after the bye.

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