College Football Games to Watch Week 7

FloridaLSU2.jpgPhoto Credit: Down South Saturday

Week 7 of the College Football season is about to be here and the playoff race is heating up. Here is a list of games to watch for this weekend that could affect the playoff:

Oregon vs Colorado

This is unlikely to affect the race, but Oregon is likely the only Pac-12 team with a legit shot to make the playoff at this point in the season. This should be a win, but Colorado’s high powered offense could quickly be an issue if Oregon’s offense struggles at all.

Prediction: Oregon 31 Colorado 28

USC vs Notre Dame

The loss to Georgia really hurt Notre Dame’s chances, but this team is honestly more talented than last year, and a close loss on the road against an elite team is not a death sentence. Now Notre Dame needs to be convincing and it starts this week against USC. They need to prove to the committee the belong despite no conference championship.

Prediction: Notre Dame 28 USC 10

Oklahoma vs Texas

The Red River Rivalry might be one of the best that it has had in years. An Oklahoma win would give them an incredible path to the playoffs getting past the largest hurdle. A Texas win propels them into the conversation but also boosts LSU and the chance for a 2 SEC playoff. The SEC is rooting hard for Texas this week so Oklahoma is gone, and any SEC team batting Texas for the spot can be helped by an SEC team going on the road and beating them.

Prediction: Oklahoma 41 Texas 31

Florida vs LSU

Florida just proved they are for real with a huge win over Auburn, LSU already did that with a win over Texas. Now, these two faces will go head to head in one of the biggest games of the year. The SEC East has #3 UGA and #7 UF, while the SEC West has #1 Bama and #5 LSU, the winner of this game will be propelled into a battle with Bama or UGA for their division and a chance at the SEC Championship. They will also give UGA or Bama another top 6 opponent and increase the likely hood the SEC puts 2 teams in the playoff.

Honorable Mentions

Alabama vs Texas A&M: This will not only be the toughest Alabama opponent to date but also be a chance to see them play a team Clemson played and compare them that way.

Iowa vs Penn State: Penn State is probably the only team in the Big Ten East with a shot at catching OSU. Winning this game and keeping pace will be crucial.

Wisconsin vs Michigan State: Much like Penn State, Wisconsin is just trying to stay in striking distance of Ohio State and will need to look convincing over MSU this weekend.

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