Gruden Gets Impeached


It’s no secret that the Washington Redskins have one of, if not THE, most dysfunctional front offices in the NFL, and now they have no head coach to go along with it.

Look, I’ve been an open critic of Jay Gruden ever since the offense regressed in 2017 and the glaring weaknesses became apparent.  Mishandling the Cousins situation for years (which may have been a blessing in disguise) falls mainly on Owner Dan Snyder and former GM and current team President Bruce Allen, Gruden certainly didn’t do much to put together a winning product on the field.

There are reports that Jay Gruden wasn’t high on Dwayne Haskins out of college, while Snyder and co. were extremely high, and it seemed like making the decision to start Colt McCoy over the future franchise quarterback was Gruden playing job security chicken.

Spoiler alert:  He lost.

Gruden’s system requires a quarterback like a McCoy, Alex Smith, even Kirk Cousins.  Seeing a big armed, gunslinger like Haskins isn’t what Jay wanted.

If the front office wants to build around Haskins, which they should, they need to find a coach that can revitalize their offense and create a system that fits this style of quarterback.

Two moves for the Skins to make that could really speed up the rebuild process after this year:

Throw all the money in the world at Eric Bieniemy, Offensive Coordinator from the Chiefs, to revamp this offense.


Lose the rest of the year and draft Jerry Jeudy to line up on the other side of   McLaurin, let those two wreak havoc on secondaries for years to come.

Also, trade Trent Williams for more picks, he clearly doesn’t want to be in DC anymore and I don’t even blame him.

Shore up that Offensive Line and you’re back in business, at least being a competitive football team.

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