Ben Simmons Hits First NBA Career 3-Pointer

hi-res-e4ae18435aa65701bf8ff52b89eccd7e_crop_north.jpgBleacher Report

Ben Simmons has been one of the most promising young prospects the NBA has seen in a while. Simmons has improved every year since being drafted in 2016 and then missing his official rookie year due to injury.

The only knock on Simmons thus far has been his “love for the game,” relating to his work ethic and effort to improve his shooting. Many believe Simmons can be one of the most transcendent players to date if he would just develop a consistent shot.

Here is some footage of Simmons’ atrocious shot, even though many of them weren’t legit shots:

It clearly wasn’t in his game, nor the 76ers game plan for him to shoot. This was growing into a major concern for Simmons and the ceiling for the Philadelphia 76ers.

This offseason, Simmons reportedly changed his shot and said “If it’s open, I’ll take it,” in regard to 3 pointers. He claims he isn’t going to come out and start chucking up shots, but he clearly has been working on his game/shot this offseason.

In last night’s preseason game, Simmons hit his first career 3 and it was a good one too, guarded and everything. His teammates and the fans were encouraging him to shoot the ball. He did so flawlessly and the crowd erupted.

Good for Ben Simmons.

If this can become consistent, Simmons will be making a huge jump in his career and the 76ers look to become one of the scariest teams, more than they already were, coming out of the East.

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