Top 30 Jerseys in Sports, Part 1: #30-26

One of the unique things about sports is the uniforms all the different teams wear. It’s almost looked at as a sign of pride, as fans and players often refer to their teams by their colors and talk about playing for the jersey they are wearing. Jerseys have also become a much bigger part of popular culture since the early 2000s when fans started to wear them more and more casually. A good jersey can set a team apart and be recognizable to even casual sports fans, and the best ones in sports will make your team’s brand great- whether they are great on the field or not.

For these rankings, I picked from the major 4 American pro sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) and all the jerseys here are ones that the teams either wear currently or worn within the last season. The main considerations I used were how good they look on the playing field, how iconic they are, and how good they look in a casual setting.

#30: Sacramento Kings Blue Throwback


These jerseys were originally worn in the mid-’90s and the Kings have brought them back every few years for a game or 2 a season since. This year, though, to help celebrate their 35th anniversary as a team, they are bringing them back as one of their main jerseys. This means they will be worn every 4-5 games, which is a welcome sight because the royal blue colorway and the script Kings on the front is a very clean look and a nice change from their normal purple and black.

#29: LA Chargers Powder Blue


These are some of the most iconic uniforms in the NFL. Many people my age see these and think about the mid-2000s Chargers teams with Ladanian Tomlinson, and all the success they had. The color itself, powder blue, is one of my favorite on a jersey and the bolts on the shoulders are a good look as well.

#28: LA Dodgers Home

GettyImages-1153589266.jpgDodgers Nation

This is an example of a classic jersey that hasn’t really been changed since the team came about. When the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, they had essentially the exact same jerseys, and now, in LA, they have done the right thing and kept them the same. This is also a very popular jersey as far as pop culture goes, as many artists have worn it for performances and music videos.


#27: Cincinnati Reds Sleeveless Throwback


This 2019 MLB season was the Reds’ 150th anniversary as a team, and as part of the celebration, they brought back some of the best jerseys from those 150 years to be worn at games throughout the season. These were my favorites, not necessarily because they look all that good, but just because of the willingness of the players to actually go for it and wear them exactly how they were worn in 1956. And if you look like Derek Dietrich, above, why not flex with a sleeveless jersey?

#26: Atlanta Braves Throwback


These jerseys are another throwback, these specific ones being in homage to Hank Aaron, one of the best sluggers the game has ever seen. These are 1974 throwbacks, the year that Aaron hit his 715th home run to beat (at the time) the all time home run record. Again, the scriptwriting makes the jersey very clean, along with the feather logo on the shoulders.

Look out next week for part 2 of this countdown, with jerseys 25 to 21!

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