Top 30 Jerseys in Sports, Part 2: #25-21

Picking up from last week’s article, which you can read here, we are counting down the top 30 jerseys in sports- at least in my opinion. The list so far is:

#30. Sacramento Kings, Blue Throwback

#29. LA Chargers, Powder Blue

#28. LA Dodgers, Home White

#27. Cincinnati Reds, Sleeveless Throwback

#26. Atlanta Braves, 1974 Throwback

#25. St. Louis Cardinals Alternate


The concept of this jersey, with the two cardinals sitting on the bat across the front, is one of my favorite in sports and it appears on all 3 of the Cardinals regularly worn jerseys. (white, grey, alternate). The biggest reason that these stand out to me is the cream base color on the jersey, which is my favorite for a baseball jersey along with the light blue base color that a lot of teams used in the 70s. The cream color works with pretty much any jersey design, and with the Cardinals design, these two things combined create an extremely clean overall look.

#24. Orlando Magic Blue Throwback

This is one of the most classic and memorable jerseys in NBA history, not only because of how good it looks and how clean it is, but also because of the era of hoops and the teams it represents. Shaq and Penny Hardaway, pictured below, are one of the most iconic duos in league history and this jersey is a great homage to that time in Magic basketball. Also, I think that this is one of the few jerseys in the NBA where the sponsor logo doesn’t ruin the overall look, which is another plus.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 9.16.14 PM.pngFootBasket

#23. Denver Nuggets Rainbow

NUGGETS__6AO3767xx.jpgThe Denver Post

These jerseys are somewhat like throwbacks, but not exactly. They are a more modern twist on the uniforms that the Nuggets wore from 1983 to 1993, most famously by Alex English, who is pictured below and Dikembe Mutombo. To me, these are a great way to honor a past era and a very good looking jersey without just doing the exact same thing again and making it look more appropriate for this era.

alex-english-skyline-days-courtesy-1.jpgColorado Public Radio

#22. Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays Throwback

In 2008, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays changed their name, dropping the “Devil” to become just the Tampa Bay Rays. With this came a new name and color scheme. In my opinion, the previous color scheme, that was used starting in the 90s, was much better, as pictured below.


Since the Rays are still a relatively young franchise, only having been around since 1998, it took them a while to bring these uniforms back as throwbacks, but them finally doing it was a strong move and they executed it perfectly.

#21. Cincinnati Bengals Color Rush

While they haven’t found much success on the field this year, one place where the Bengals have nailed it is these uniforms. In my opinion, the Bengals have one of the best looking helmets in the NFL, which is huge to the look of an NFL uniform, but the rest of their normal uniforms look very average to me. These, however, are much better- with the simple white and black colors and the stripes down the side. The simple color of the jersey overall also makes the orange pop much more and makes the uniform look even better.

Look out for next week, as the countdown will continue as we move into the top 20!

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