Who Should be the Next Cubs Manager?

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 8.22.51 PM.pngCapital Gazette

With Joe Maddon out as the Chicago Cubs skipper, the front office has a very important decision to make. The Cubs are just three years removed from a World Series title and their roster is very similar to what it was in 2016. Two names have come up much more than others, and I do anticipate it to come down to them. Joe Girardi vs David Ross.

Joe Girardi has been connected to the Chicago Cubs long before now. In fact, Girardi was drafted by the team and had two different stints playing for them. Though he managed the Yankees for 11 years (2006-2017), there was a short period of time after the 2013 season that he was available and the Cubs showed interest in signing him. He ended up resigning with the Yankees, but the connection was made and his interest was made known. Now, two years after managing the Yankees, Girardi is looking to get back in the game and the Cubs are at the top of his list.

David Ross has a fairly similar relation to the Cubs. Having played on the World Series-winning team, Ross already knows many of the players and the front office. It would be a fairly easy transition from Maddon to Ross for the Cubs. The only thing that is a concern is the experience. David Ross doesn’t have any managerial history and that could pose some big problems with how he decides to handle various in-game situations.

Personally, I think the Cubs should go with David Ross. While Joe Girardi has the experience, I don’t think he would fit in with the team culture like David Ross has and would continue to do. I don’t know exactly what Theo Epstein and the front office is looking for though. Joe Girardi is an old-school kind of manager who expects his players to get their job done without issue. He’ll expect his players to do the right thing and let them know if they don’t. David Ross would be very similar to Joe Maddon in the fact that he’d be much more of a player’s coach.

What it comes down to is whether or not the front office wants to continue with what they’ve had with Ross or make a big change with Girardi. There’s a chance they look elsewhere to fill Maddon’s vacancy, but I expect it’ll come down to Ross and Girardi. Whatever they do, I just hope they can fix the issues of 2019 because this roster is still built to win the NL Central and possibly the World Series should they make it that far.

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