30 Teams in 30 Days: Sacramento Kings

buddy-1000x600.jpgAfter a long hiatus, we are here to finish breaking down every NBA team before the NBA season starts. We continue with the bottom of the west. To check out the past teams in the West click here: Suns / Grizzlies / Twolves / Thunder For the Eastern conference click here: Hornets / Wizards / Knicks / Pistons / Cavs / Bulls / Magic / Hawks / Raptors / 76ers / Pacers / Nets / Heat / Celtics / Bucks


The Kings didn’t have a big offseason but added some important veterans to surround the youth on that team. It started with a big contract to bring back Harrison Barnes and then added another veteran wing in Trevor Ariza. They also signed Corey Joesph who should help bring some grit and defense to that team after he had a great year in Indiana. The Kings were a team that was so close a year ago and the biggest offseason changes will have happened in the development of the young guys like Fox, Bagley, Hield, and Giles. Kyle Guy could be a sleeper NBA pick that could provide some valuable shooting off the bench.


G: De’Aaron Fox

G: Buddy Hield

F: Trevor Ariza

F: Harrison Barnes

C: Marvin Bagley

Bench: Dwayne Deadmon, Harry Giles, Corey Joseph, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Kyle Guy

This roster should stretch the floor nicely and shoot the ball at a high clip. Everyone, including Bagley, Deadmon, and Giles can be a threat from 15 feet. Fox’s ability to attack the lane if the floor is spread could be deadly for other teams if they are unable to keep a rim protector in the game. Marvin Bagley’s ability to hit open jump shots has been inconsistent, but if it becomes more reliable, watch for this team to really be a problem in the future.

Prediction: 40-42 (11th in West) / Miss the Playoffs.

The truth is this team would easily be a playoff team in the East and might be as high as a 5 or 6 seed, but in the West, it is a different story. The top 7 teams in the West all are Elite and have star/superstars, leaving a battle for the 8 seed. Of the teams battling from 8-11, I believe the Kings are the youngest, worst coached, and have the worst “Star”. The Kings could easily jump some of these teams if things go the right way, and that will start with how much better these young guys got. I believe the Kings, Mavericks, Pelicans, and Spurs will be battling for 1 playoff spot, and it could come down to who is healthiest, but without knowing injuries, I believe the Kings have more to prove than the others. The Kings could be dangerous in 2-3 years, but the West is too loaded right now.


This team is 100% on the right path. They have the youth mixed with veterans and a good culture. We saw this team already exceed expectations a year ago and prove they won’t be like the Timberwolves who never reach their potential. Now the real issue is getting through some of the giants in the West before these young guys have a chance to leave in Free Agency. Sacramento isn’t a big market, and keeping players there has always been a problem. The Kings will need 1-2 of these young studs to become superstars to really compete in the West.

*Everything in this article was discussed with Louie Snyder

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