30 Teams in 30 Days: Dallas Mavericks

4QE7VUUMXMTLSXJMCQMETTGW6I.jpgPhoto Credit: Dallas Morning News

After a long hiatus, we are here to finish breaking down every NBA team before the NBA season starts. We continue with the bottom of the west. To check out the past teams in the West click here: Suns / Grizzlies / Twolves / Thunder / Kings. For the Eastern conference click here: Hornets / Wizards / Knicks / Pistons / Cavs / Bulls / Magic / Hawks / Raptors / 76ers / Pacers / Nets / Heat / Celtics / Bucks


The Dallas Mavericks had an uneventful offseason with the biggest addition being Delon Wright. The big news came during last season when the team acquired Kristaps Porzingis. They followed that up by giving him a 5-year max extension and locking him down next to Luka Doncic.


G: Delon Wright

G: Seth Curry

F: Luka Doncic

F: Dwight Powell

C: Kristaps Porzingis

Bench: Jalen Brunson, Justin Jackson, Tim Hardaway, and Maxi Kleber

This roster is built on potential star power. This team will go as far as Doncic and Porzingis take it. They can spread the floor and Doncic will be the go-to ball-handler, allowing Curry and Wright to catch and shoot. Jalen Brunson is one of the best point guards coming off the bench in the league, and the bench unit should be able to score this year.

Prediction: 41-41 (10th in West) / Miss the Playoffs.

Another team that would easily be a playoff team in the East, but in the West 2 stars with a questionable supporting cast is just not enough to get it done. The biggest issue for this team could be the health of Porzingus, the team has little depth behind him and could quickly fall behind in the West if he goes down. Again 8-11 in the West are so close and the Mavericks are a well-coached team with star potential. If they could trade for a 3rd piece at the deadline this team could quickly make the playoffs.


The Future is already on the team, now its about development and help. The Mavericks have never been able to lure a big free agent to Dallas despite coming close several times. If they can get a 3rd star to Dallas before they have to pay Doncic the team could quickly be a contender for the next decade. For now, they need some better veterans and defenders around their star duo. After that, they must focus on trading. Maybe they can find a way to bring Bradley Beal to Dallas? 

*Everything in this article was discussed with Louie Snyder

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