Top 30 Jerseys in Sports, Part 3: #20-16

Continuing on with the top 30 jerseys in sports, we have our next group of 5.

Read the first two articles, here and here.

The list so far:

#30. Sacramento Kings, Blue Throwback

#29. LA Chargers, Powder Blue

#28. LA Dodgers, Home White

#27. Cincinnati Reds, Sleeveless Throwback

#26. Atlanta Braves, 1974 Throwback

#25. St. Louis Cardinals, Alternate

#24. Orlando Magic, Blue Throwback

#23. Denver Nuggets, Rainbow

#22. Tampa Bay Rays, Throwback

#21. Cincinnati Bengals, Color Rush

#20. Seattle Mariners, Throwback

This is another uniform for baseball that benefits from the “cream” colored base. This combined with another great combination of navy blue and yellow, colors that also work well together for uniforms like Michigan’s or the St. Louis Blues, is a great look overall. Also, this Mariners hat is absolutely fire which doesn’t hurt.

#19. Detroit Red Wings, Away

74ba3d10-e31f-48ee-8d62-ec77cdffbe3d-AP_Red_Wings_Sabres_Hockey_N3.jpgDetroit Free Press

This is the first hockey uniform to hit this list, and won’t be the last. Hockey jerseys are a great classic look that almost always looks good on or off the ice. The Red Wings jersey is no exception, it is simple and classic- one of the few that has never changed in the franchise’s history. In my opinion, the logo, which pays homage to the automotive industry history of Detroit, is the strongest part of the uniform.

#18. St. Louis Blues, Alternate

usa_today_9789698.0.jpgSt. Louis Game Time

Back to back for hockey jerseys, and we have the return to this list of the blue/yellow colorway mentioned earlier. This combination rarely misses and it doesn’t here. The Blues logo is also one of my favorite in sports, and it looks great especially in the context of these colors.

#17. Philadelphia Sixers, Cream

ben_simmons_roy_embed_.jpgSports Illustrated

Another return of the off-white color that works so well on baseball jerseys and this proves it works in basketball as well. Philly has some of the best jerseys in basketball currently in my opinion, and one of the biggest reasons is because it is so hard to mess up red, white, and blue as your main colors. The Sixers use the combination well here and the script “Phila” also looks strong.

#16. Yankees Pinstripes

USATSI_12234305.jpgEmpire Sports Media

This uniform is almost impossible to argue against. It’s arguably the most iconic uniform in sports history, let alone in baseball. The term “earning your pinstripes” for a Yankee player being accepted by the fans shows how ingratiated the uniform is into this classic franchise. Pinstripes almost always look good on baseball uniforms, and with a color combo like navy on white, it creates a very classic look.

Come back next week for the next installment before we get into the top 10!

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