Top 30 Jerseys in Sports, Part 4: #15-11

As we continue to count down my top 30 uniforms in sports, here’s part 4 before we get into the top 10. You can read the previous articles here:

Part 1: #30-26

Part 2: #25-21

Part 3: #20-16


#15. Charlotte Hornets, Throwback

image.jpegSwarm and Sting

I absolutely love pinstripes, as it’s probably clear by now, on both basketball and baseball jerseys. They rarely look bad, and these are no exception. These uniforms are throwbacks to the 90s era uniforms the Hornets wore with stars like Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues, and these jerseys did them justice.

image (1).jpegSwarm and Sting

The use of the colors teal and purple together isn’t a combination you’d naturally think of, but it works very well on these uniforms. If there’s one gripe I have that keeps this uniform from being higher on the list, it’s that I wish the stripes extended to the shorts. To me, the pinstripe tops with plain shorts look odd. But, the tops themselves are too strong to ignore.

#14. Chicago Bulls, City Alternate

image (2).jpegPippen Ain’t Easy

These are great to me because not only do they look great on the surface, but they combine two iconic elements of the city of Chicago and the Bulls franchise history. First, the color scheme of this jersey is inspired by Chicago’s city flag.


Then, the script “Chicago” and the overall layout of the uniform pays homage to the late 80’s Bulls jerseys that were most popularized by Michael Jordan during his ascendency to NBA dominance.


The way this uniform combines those things so well puts it very high on this list, and adds another great jersey to a franchise that already has some of the most iconic uniforms in the sport.

#13. Columbus Blue Jackets, Alternate

These are some of my favorite hockey jerseys out right now. Even though the Blue Jackets are a relatively new franchise, these have an old-school feel with the cream/dark blue colors. The striping towards the bottom of the top and sleeves looks good with the socks as well, and the cannon on the logo on the middle is great because it pays homage to one of the most unique things about the Jackets franchise. (below) Also, the strings on hockey jerseys always look great to me.

#12. New Orleans Saints, Color Rush

In my opinion, these jerseys are a perfect example of what an alternate uniform should be. It’s very simple but looks great on the field and in the stands. The gold color is slightly different on these than it is on the normal uniforms, which makes it stand out more than usual. The monochromatic look also usually looks good for football uniforms, especially white ones where any touches of color pop out even more than usual.

#11. Miami Dolphins, Throwback


As (almost) always, the more simple the uniform is, the better it ends up looking. The colors teal and orange go unbelievably well together, and the Dolphins put together a great looking uniform with these. From the helmet to the stripes on the shoulders and pants, to those great socks, this is just about perfect top to bottom. Fan reaction every time they pull these out is positive- I have no idea why these are not Miami’s permanent uniform, but they haven’t made many good decisions throughout their entire franchise in recent years so it’s no surprise they got this wrong as well.

Next week will be the last article of this series, as we’ll go through the top 10, so keep a lookout for it!

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