Ohio State Defensive Ends (Past and Present) Had Quite the Weekend


Ho Hum. Another weekend dominated by Larry Johnson’s wrecking crew of rushmen.

Chase Young is playing like the #1 player in the country (That should equal a Heisman trophy but we all know the narrative on that sham of an award).

Nick Bosa is RUNNING away with Defensive Rookie of the Year, and that tweet didn’t even mention his interception.

And then there’s Joey, just clocking in, getting his two sacks and getting after the quarterback like it’s his job (spoiler alert: it is).

What do all three of these offensive gameplan wreckers have in common?

All of them studied at the school of Larry Johnson.  And each one seems to have graduated summa cum laude.

If there’s an elite defensive line recruit sitting at home, weighing his decision on where he can go to compete at the highest level and develop into an NFL caliber player…

I hope he sees this article.

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