Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods won the ZOZO Championship to pick up his 82nd career PGA Tour victory and to tie Sam Snead in all-time wins. Even without all of the personal stuff Tiger went through and all of the injuries and surgeries, this would be one of the craziest modern sporting records of all time. But those things did happen. Tiger has had a plethora of knee surgeries and all sorts of tears within his legs. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, HE HAD HIS SPINE FUSED and he was able to come back and win.

Tiger Woods is probably the best comeback story in sports history. But anyway, I saw a stat this week that I thought could not be true. Then I remembered it was about Tiger Woods and I realized that of course, it is true. Tiger Woods’ win percentage in tournaments where he was leading by 2 or more strokes after 36 holes is 89.5%. The rest of the PGA over the last 20 years in those same circumstances, 36%. That difference is godly. Tiger Woods is no mere mortal when it comes to the sport of golf. This made me want to look further into Tiger stats. Here are some of my favorites:

From 2002-2005, Tiger had 1,540 putts from 3 feet and closer. He missed 3 of them. This one absolutely befuddles me. I miss at least 3 putts from inside 3 feet every time I play golf. I get that he is a professional and I am not, but the disparity there is gnarly.

Tiger Woods hit his first hole in one at 6 years old. He was a small child and he accomplished one of the most sought after things in leisure activities. There are grown men who would pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a hole in one, but all Tiger needed was 6 years on this godforsaken Earth. (Not me though because I already hit one)

The Tiger Slam – a term invented to describe the phenomena of winning four consecutive major championships. No one else had ever done it. Tiger was the best of the best and it was not even particularly close.

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