The Chase Young Heisman Watch

chase-young-ohio-state-wisconsin.jpgSports Illustrated

Chase Young has begun to work his way into the Heisman talk. Charles Woodson, ironically a Michigan alumnus, was the last defensive player to win the Heisman back in 1997. Young has been absolutely feasting all year hanging up 29 tackles, 13.5 sacks, and 5 forced fumbles.  Six of those tackles and 4 of those sacks all came from the Wisconsin game this past weekend, which was supposedly Ohio State’s toughest match-up yet.

Only 2 defensive players have ever been runner up in this offensive skewed award: Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o (2012) and Pittsburgh defensive lineman Hugh Green (1980). According to Yahoo Sports, “only six defensive linemen (13 defensive players overall including Woodson) have finished in the top five of voting.” Ndamukong Suh is the most recent defensive Heisman invitee to attend the actual ceremony. He recorded 12 sacks that year. Through 8 games, Young already has 13.5 to put things into perspective.

The chances of Young winning the Heisman are slim, seeing his teammate and quarterback Justin Fields is in the conversation along with his former teammate, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. There is a lot of football left to be played, but it would be quite the accomplishment if Young defied the odds and tied the rivals up North for the number of defensive Heisman winners.

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