LeBron is Still the Best Player in the League

lebron-james-la-lakers.jpgNational Review

It was really interesting over the NBA offseason to see the way the media and the league sort of push LeBron James aside when debating who the best player in the league would be for this season. Granted, he was injured for much of last season and didn’t play his best when healthy, but he had never given any reason for people to question if he’s a top 5 player. I think he’s silenced those who were doubting his health and abilities in his 17th NBA season.

His latest game against the Mavericks in which he put up 39 points and a triple double proved, once again, that he is still the best player in the league, and is capable of putting a team on his back to when a game.

James is currently leading the league in assists while scoring 26 a game on .505/.346/.829 shooting splits. He’s been dominant to open the season offensively and is actually playing his best defense in years as well. It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if James were to make a run at his fifth MVP this season if he keeps this play up.

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