Head Coach Hot Seat

Adam_Gase_Freddie_Kitchens.jpgPhoto Credit: Elite NY Sports

We are through 9 weeks of the season and while some teams are thriving, others are looking towards an offseason of change. Here is a look at some coaches that might be fighting for a job over the last half of the season.

Freddie Kitchens

The Cleveland Browns entered the season with high hopes. This was supposed to be the best Browns team since they got a team back in Cleveland (which isn’t a high bar to clear). While many factors are to blame, Kitchens has to be at the top of the list. Nick Chubb is an elite HB in the NFL who is being misused. Baker Mayfield is struggling and in some cases, it’s due to bad play-calling and poor game script. The defense looks unmotivated, and this week a 2-5 Browns team looked like they had already given up on the season. I promise the Ownership did not spend the kind of money they did this offseason to watch a 2-6 football team that was worse than the previous years. The Browns schedule looks easy, but a loss to Denver along with the Browns being 2-6 probably has other teams circling the Browns as a winnable game aswell. With the Ravens and Steelers seemingly turning their season around and the Browns headed the other way it might be time to let Kitchens go this offseason.

Adam Gase

It is true Adam Gase was Peyton Manning’s offensive coordinator when he had a record season, but does that really mean he is a good coach. Peyton Manning is one of the best and maybe the smartest football players in the history of the NFL. Gase seemingly has ridden that successful year into three jobs, all of which have been complete failures. I hate firing coaches after year 1 because that is not enough time to see what they can do, but in the case of Adam Gase, we have already seen enough. Gase led the Bears offense to a below-average 18th before going to Miami and making the team worse every year. Now he is on the Jets and continues to run the slowest offense in the NFL. He has not been a QB whisper as many have thought as Tannehill and Darnold have both struggled. He seemingly wasted Kenyan Drake and now is wasting Bell. The offense runs the least plays in the NFL every year. Gase has nothing showing that he can succeed outside a 2013 season with the greatest QB ever.

Jason Garrett

The Cowboys are a good football team, but Garrett doesn’t seem to be the leader the team needs. Garrett has never seemed like the best coach in the league, but now the Cowboys have a loaded roster and still sit at just 4-3. Kellen Moore and Kris Richard both seem to be better coaches than head coach Garrett has been for them. This should be the Cowboys year and while he has not struggled like the other names on this list, he has not closed out the big games to end the year yet. Anything short of a division title and a solid playoff showing should be a huge disappointment for Dallas this year.

Honorable Mentions: Dan Quinn and Doug Marrone

Not too long ago, these coaches were doing great things giving them some room to breathe, but that room is running out. Since 2016 Dan Quinn has not gotten the Falcons back anywhere close to that great run to the Super Bowl. The defense has been subpar and while injuries plagued them in the past, this year the Falcons struggled even when healthy. Marrone’s issue is in keeping the lockerroom. We hear upset players often in Jacksonville and this team’s window will likely close soon.

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