Top 30 Jerseys in Sports, Part 5: #10-1

Here it is, the final part of this series where I’m counting down my favorite jerseys in American sports. You can read the other 4 parts here:

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Part 2: 25-21

Part 3: 20-16

Part 4: 15-11

And now we have the top 10, the elite of the elite. There may be disagreements on where these are all ranked and whether some should have been lower or higher, but it’s almost impossible to argue that all 10 of these uniforms are absolutely beautiful and the pinnacle of what a good jersey looks like.

#10. Dallas Cowboys, White

mauriciorodriguez_dallas-cowboys_takeaway-tuesday-cowboys-have-a-championship-defense.jpgInside The Star

There’s not much to say about these. They’re absolutely classic and a staple of the NFL to the point that on the league’s second biggest day, Thanksgiving, you can tune in every year and see the Cowboys at home wearing these exact jerseys. The uniform is very clean and simple. The white and navy blue works perfectly together, and the pants are a shade of silver/blue that I’ve never seen replicated this well on another jersey- in any sport. Again, these uniforms are the definition of classic and that earns them a top 10 spot in these rankings.

#9. Calgary Flames, Alternate

1135445343.jpg.0.jpgFear the Fin

I love this uniform for a variety of reasons. They are a great switch up from their normal jerseys, which are similar except replace the white you see here with black.

092218flames7.jpgCalgary Sun

The white looks so much better to me because it pops off the red background, and also the colorway of red, yellow, and white brings your mind to flames, appropriate for the team name. Much like the Blue Jackets alternate jersey I mentioned in the last article, I also love the striping towards the bottom of the sweater and the sleeves, and the logo itself looks great as well.

#8. Chicago Blackhawks, Home

usatsi_7672012.jpgUSA Today

With the second hockey jersey in a row, we have another one of the iconic jerseys in sports. From the logo on the chest to the black and white stripes, to the smaller logo on the shoulders, everything about this uniform is classic and very recognizable. The away version of these uniforms looks almost as good:

debrincat_8.0.jpgChicago Sun-Times

This, much like the Cowboys uniform from earlier, is one I never see changing, and that’s for the good because since they have both been introduced, they’ve been up there with the best in their respective sport.

#7. Los Angeles Lakers, Yellow

LeBron-James.jpgSports Out West

Another absolute classic. When LeBron decided to join the Lakers last summer, the franchise stepped into a new era. And with this, came a change in uniforms as well. The Lakers decided to go away from the Kobe Bryant era jersey and make small changes to go back to the Magic Johnson-era classic Lakers uniforms.


This was a welcome change because even though the Kobe era jersey was still classic, many fans had forgotten how good the older version was, and with a team that had been struggling the couple years before the change, it was welcome to help transition into a new era while trying to bring the same success as the franchise had in the 80s. The shadowed numbers and the change from white numbers to purple numbers make the jersey look much cleaner and is a reason why the Lakers’ jersey was so classic in the first place.

#6. Anaheim Ducks, 25th Anniversary Jersey


These jerseys are inspired by some of my favorite ever, the 90s era Ducks jerseys that came from the Mighty Ducks movies. These above were worn throughout the 2018 season to commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, these throwbacks have differences from the originals that keep them from being higher on the list, specifically the shoulders that have the current logo on them. No idea why that had to be included, it doesn’t match anything else on the jersey. Otherwise, I think they did a great job of honoring those 90s jerseys and the movie that inspired it all.


#5. San Francisco 49ers 1994 Throwback

m7dnzuubdb8dxophntkk.jpgSan Francisco 49ers

The list of 30 was pretty much set before I started writing any of the articles, but once I saw these this past week, the whole list had to be reshuffled. Again, this shows that it’s really not hard to create a good jersey. The more simple is almost always the better and this is no exception. Monochromatic jerseys usually look good, especially this white on white, and the number shadowing, just like the Lakers jersey, gives it a retro feel. This jersey is to remember the 1994 49ers team that went 13-3 and won a Super Bowl, and I think this jersey more than did them justice.

deion-steve-ap.jpgNBC Sports

#4. LA Rams, Alternate

1128149908.jpg.0.jpgTurf Show Times

This is another throwback jersey that speaks for itself. These two colors just work together perfectly and the ram horns on the sides of the helmet is one of the better helmet designs in the league. This color yellow just pops and again, it’s another uniform that is very clean and simple, not trying to do too much, and looks great. And another theme you see developing- Almost all the best jerseys are ones either inspired by older ones or ones that have never changed. The more modern and different teams try to go, usually the worse they end up.

#3. Chicago Cubs, Home


Here we have another classic jersey, and my favorite out of the MLB. These Cubs unis with the pinstripes are some of the most simple, yet cleanest, in the league. White jerseys always look good for baseball on a sunny day, with the aesthetic of the grass and dirt added, and these are no different. The logo on the chest and on the left arm are both iconic with the franchise as well, and of course, the color combination of red, white and blue continues to be undefeated.

2. Atlanta Falcons, 90s Throwback

CvI1UpSUsAEELSI.jpgUni Watch

And another one. This is my favorite jersey in the NFL, just a bit over those Rams ones above. The color black as the primary color in a uniform almost always works well, and this is no exception. Again, it’s the simplicity of the design that makes it so great. The overwhelming black and white make the red pop out, and the white pants stand out with the black jersey and socks. Also, the Falcon logo on the helmet when they use these throwbacks is one of my favorites in sports.

1. Miami Heat, Miami Vice

dwyane-wade-heat.jpgSports Illustrated
0099HEATVSGRIZZLIES011219copy.jpgMiami Herald

Surprisingly, in a list full of throwback and classic uniform designs, my #1 is a completely new and original design which came about last season. The font and colorway to this jersey are both absolutely amazing. The inspiration is the TV show, Miami Vice, which was huge in pop culture in the late 80s.


The script “Miami” on these uniforms looks great on the front and this teal/pink combination is not one you’d think of immediately for two colors that work well together, but on top of this jersey it looks amazing. The Heat have continued to use this jersey template this year because they were such a hit- They brought out a white version last year and bringing out a pink version this year.

18227_SunsetVice_Teaser_HEAT.com_1920x1080_Wade2.jpgThe Undefeated

5 Takeaways from the Top 30

  1. A whole lot of Chicago represented in this list, including 2 of the top 10
  2. Simple is almost always, if not always, better. Teams that overthink everything when creating their jersey almost always end up with a worse product
  3. The jerseys that change the least from when they were first created usually end up being the best
  4. Embrace throwbacks! If they are better than your normal jersey, make it the primary.
  5. White and black almost always work.

Thanks to anyone who followed along with the list. Look out for a college edition which may come soon over the next couple weeks!

2 thoughts on “Top 30 Jerseys in Sports, Part 5: #10-1

  1. So you forget about my Indiana Pacers early 1970s throwback? You guys have no taste, no class, and no respect for the ABA Champs of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    You guys suck.


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