The NFL is Actively Trying to Destroy Itself

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 11.41.07 PM.pngPhoto Credit: The Ringer

This NFL season has been rife with controversy. Every single week something new is thrown on the fire and the NFL just looks worse and worse each time. Here are some of the worst things that the NFL has done to itself this season.

First, the whole uniform/cleats thing that has gone on with Odell this year. A few weeks ago, he was forced out of a RedZone third-down play for having too dark of a visor. This was a weird incident, especially for the timing of it. You would think that the refs would have noticed before that. And before that, there was the whole watch thing where Odell got fined a bunch of money for wearing watches during games. And now Odell and Jarvis Landry are forced to change cleats at halftime or else neither of them would be able to play in the second half. It all feels very weird and it looks bad for the NFL. Enforcing these dumb rules that do not have any impact on anything makes the NFL look like they are trying too hard to be powerful.

Second, the refs are bad. They are having too much of a direct impact on the game and it is turning away fans. No one wants to watch the refs call ticky-tacky penalties that do not need to be called. It just dilutes the game and pisses everyone off.

Finally, teams being able to review pass interference has been stupid at best and at its worst, it has been completely idiotic. This rule was clearly put in to prevent the atrocity that occurred against the Saints; however, coaches do not seem to realize that pretty much no matter what happened, so long as it was not egregious, the call on the field will not change. Today, I had to watch Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin, use two challenges in one drive on pass interference calls. He lost both. This was the Colts’ last drive that could have ended in them taking the lead with just over a minute left if it weren’t for a bad hold and kick from the Colts. These challenges both wasted timeouts for the Steelers and could have been absolutely devastating if they had to try to drive down the field had the Colts scored. Overall, I feel like this rule has been utterly useless this season.



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