Haskins Deserves to Start

usa_today_13615642.0.jpgHogs Haven

While I’m sure few, if any, of our readers cared about the Bills hosting the Redskins last weekend, I was emotionally invested.

Background on me:

  1. Ohio State fanatic since birth, currently a senior graduating in May.
  2. Disgruntled Redskins fan since the Sean Taylor/Clinton Portis days, avid supporter of ex-Buckeyes in the league, known critic of Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen.

Hopefully, that clears up some questions, now back to the topic at hand.

I was anxious when my favorite NFL team drafted my college quarterback in the first round, and none of it had to do with Haskins himself.  I am conditioned to believe that Murphy’s Law applies almost exclusively to the professional team in the DMV, mainly due to things out of players’ control (see: Trent Williams).

So, when Gruden decided to throw Dwayne into the game against the Giants, on the road, after taking minimal first team reps, and things went less than great, I was none too pleased.

Now, after showing improvement in the Vikings game when he came in after Keenum got hurt, getting his first career start out of the way on the road, against a playoff team with a top defense, in tough conditions, Dwayne Haskins has shown a baseline for what he can do as the Skins head into their bye week.

Then they get to play the New York Jets at home.

Haskins didn’t light the world on fire in Buffalo, going 15/22 for 144 yards, with no TD’s or turnovers.  He did, however, show that he is by far the best option going forward for the rest of the 2019 season.

You know what you get with Case Keenum and Colt McCoy.

Let Simba play.

Worse comes to worst, you go 1-15 and end up with Chase Young or Jerry Jeudy.




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