Tank for Burrow?

73343147-822b-42f8-9c22-32ef9aefeef0-2019-11-09_Joe_Burrow2.jpegCincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati Bengals are now 0-9. The tank has been on for weeks, but now it is time for Cincinnati to start actively trying to find a way to the very top of the draft board come April. Ryan Finley was not impressive in his debut and Dalton’s time in Cincinnati seems to be winding down, so it is time to find the future franchise cornerstone at the quarterback position.

Coming into this season the theme for lower-performing NFL teams like the Miami Dolphins was always “Tank for Tua”. But now, it’s time for Cincinnati to keep losing so that they can draft LSU’s Joe Burrow.

After taking down Alabama in Tuscaloosa over the weekend, Joe Burrow solidified himself at the top of the Heisman race, and should also be the clear choice for the Bengals if they manage to win the race for the number one overall pick in the draft. Burrow is completing an astonishing 79% of his passes, has tossed for over 3100 yards and has 33 passing touchdowns to just 4 interceptions in nine games played. The numbers are gaudy, and they’re coming against top-notch competition.

Cincinnati should keep up the losing and find their next quarterback in Burrow come April.

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