What’s up with the AFC North?

a1nnqbs7vppo1scik3aoPittsburgh Steelers

The AFC North, at least for a few weeks, looked like it was going to the worst division in football. Honestly, they still have a chance to be the worst division. This all comes after the AFC North was predicted to be at least decent. There have been some surprises this year that have changed the division a lot.

First, the Bengals are far worse than anyone could have predicted. I am not saying that anyone said that they were going to be good; however, this Bengals team is very bad and is showing zero signs of improvement. One of their biggest problems is that their offensive line is nonexistent. Also, they have been crushed by the injury bug, including injuries to their top two receivers. The only bright side for the Bengals is that if they keep this up, they will get the number one draft pick and will hopefully be able to get a new era started.

The Ravens have been better than expected, but most people thought they would be pretty solid. Lamar Jackson has obviously been incredible this year and is getting MVP looks. He has two of the top ten games in total QBR of all time. Just this year. That is so crazy if he can keep this up throughout the season and into next year, then he will be a perennial MVP candidate. The Ravens are pretty set this year, they have arguably the best offense in the league and a defense that is good enough to let their offense win games.

The Pittsburgh Steelers took a big hit early in the season with the loss of Ben Roethlisberger for the year. They also started 0-3, but they were able to win four of their next five to sit at 5-4 after this week. Their offense took a few steps back with the loss of Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, along with that James Conner has dealt with injuries this year. The Steelers’ offense is not very good, but their defense is top ten and has been able to do very well for them this year.

The Browns have been the biggest disappointment in the AFC North for sure. Going into the year, they were very hyped up and there was a lot of excitement surrounding what everyone thought was going to be a good team. However, they have looked lost en route to 3-6 right now. The offense seems to have no direction, the defense has been good enough through a handful of injuries. Cleveland fans have been starved of a good season and they really thought that it was going to be this year; however, it seems as if that is not the case.

The AFC North has been very interesting this year and it should be fun to see how all four teams end up closing out the season.

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