NFL Week 10 Playoff Outlook

With every game except the Monday Nighter having been played in week 10, the playoff picture is beginning to take shape in both conferences. Some of the best teams in the NFL are creating some separation at the top while the biggest battles are still going on for wild card spots. As of November 11th, if the season ended today, these would be our playoff matchups.


AFC Wild Card Weekend

#6 seed Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4) @ #3 seed Houston Texans (6-3)

#5 Buffalo Bills (6-3) @ #4  Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)

NFC Wild Card Weekend

#6 Minnesota Vikings (7-3) @ #3 New Orleans Saints (7-2)

#5 Seattle Seahawks (7-2) @ #4 Dallas Cowboys (5-4)

AFC Divisional Round

#1 New England Patriots (8-1) host lower winning seed from AFC Wild Card round

#2 Baltimore Ravens (7-2) host higher winning seed from AFC Wild Card round

NFC Divisional Round

#1 San Francisco 49ers (8-0) host lower winning seed from NFC Wild Card round

#2 Green Bay Packers (8-2) host higher winning seed from NFC Wild Card round

gettyimages-1183821162.jpgInternational Business Times

In The Hunt

For the AFC, the playoff race is still relatively wide open. With 3 six-win teams and one five-win team currently slated to get into the playoffs through wild card berths, several teams could be able to sneak into the discussion, especially the 5-4 Raiders, the 5-4 Colts, and the 5-5 Titans. The AFC South is a toss-up at this point, the worst team (4-5 Jaguars) and best team (6-3 Texans) are only separated by two games, so that race could turn around at any time. Teams like the Chargers (4-6) and Browns (3-6) are both fighting for their playoff lives, but as both still have a number of divisional games left to play, they can’t be ruled completely out quite yet.

In the NFC, the playoff picture as of now seems a little more clear. There is only one team in the NFC currently in the playoff picture with under 7 wins, the 5-win Dallas Cowboys. However, even the Cowboys have a safety blanket in that a division title will get them in even if another team (out of their division) has more wins. Therefore, the biggest threat to getting into the playoffs from the NFC is definitely the Philadelphia Eagles (5-4). The Cowboys and Eagles still play again in Philadelphia this year, so the race for that playoff spot is definitely still open. But as for teams such as the 5-4 Rams, the 5-4 Panthers, and especially the 4-5 Bears, those teams are going to need to play almost flawless football to keep their playoff hopes alive.

With 7 more weeks of the regular season, these races, of course, will change before the playoffs are set, but this is how we are looking as of now, with a lot of football left to play!

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