Big Ten Basketball Preview

ewscripps.brightspotcdn.jpgPhoto Credit: CBS Sports

College basketball has started, and it is time for teams to start building a resume towards March. Here are a set of predictions for the upcoming Big Ten basketball season:

Big Ten Champion:

Austin: I believe Michigan State will win both the regular season and the tourney. They return most of the team and the rest of the Big Ten seems weak towards the top.

Louie: I am going to go with the Hoosiers. While I am a big Kentucky fan, I think IU really has an elite team this year and TJD could be the best freshmen in the conference.

Braden: I think Michigan State will win the conference regular season, but I believe Indiana will win the Big Ten Tournament.

Who Will be Dancing?

Austin: Wisconsin, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, Ohio State, Maryland, Iowa, Michigan and Illinois.

Louie: I have the exact same but without Purdue. The Big Ten will send 8 teams to the dance this year.

Braden: Michigan State, Indiana, Maryland, Wisconsin, Purdue, Michigan, Ohio State, and Iowa.

Big Ten Player of the Year:

All of us: Cassius Winston. The answer is easy and almost unfair. There is no player in the conference close to Winston. Wesson will likely be the runner-up, but not close.

Most Over-Rated Team:

Austin: Maryland. They are a good team, but not a great one. They are currently ranked in the top 10 and is closer to a fringe top 25 team.

Braden: Illinois. There has been a lot of hype around the Illini lately, but the team has struggled early and has not been an elite team in years. Some teams just develop a losing culture and that might be the issue.

Louie: Purdue. Without Carsen Edwards this team has no true #1 option to score the ball, they could look more like a bubble team than the top 15 teams we have come to know the last four years.

Most Under-Rated Team:

Austin: Wisconsin. The Badgers have started to get back to where they were from 2010-2015. The team returns many key starters, and play a solid brand of defense.

Braden: The Hoosiers are a top 25 team that has been overlooked after last year’s struggles. TJD is the best freshmen in the conference. Al Durham and Devonte Green should lead a solid backcourt, with TJD and Justin Smith this team could be a solid all-around team that heads for a 5-6 seed in march.

Louie: Indiana would be my pick as well, but I will say Ohio State has been impressive this year. They could finish as a 3-seed and be dangerous as the NCAA Tournament rolls around. None of these teams could take down my Wildcats, but since Kentucky is not in the Big Ten everyone is spared.

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