Craziest Streaks in Sports

474898144.0.0.jpgPhoto Credit: VOX

PGA Tour golfer, Brendon Todd, tried to win his third straight PGA tour event today. He ended up coming in fourth, but still, back-to-back wins followed by a top-five finish is obviously a fantastic stretch. This got me thinking about some of the craziest streaks in sports history and here are three of my favorite ones.

Byron Nelson

Photo Credit: Golf Digest

Byron Nelson was on the PGA Tour and he had one of the best years in golf history. He won 18 Tour events that year, including 11 straight. 11 PGA Tour events in a row, are you kidding me? That means that for about three months, Byron Nelson was just a shoo-in to win any given event that he entered. I would love to see the other players who showed up and saw Nelson there and immediately turned around and went home.


Houston Rockets

963425986.jpg.0.jpgPhoto Credit: SB Nation

This particular streak cracks me up whenever I think of it. In Game 7 of the 2018 Western Conference Finals, the Houston Rockets missed 27 straight 3 point field goal attempts. They could not buy a three-pointer in the biggest game of their season. They were winning by as many as 15 and then ended up down by as many as 13 after the streak started. This is coming from the same team that set the record for most threes made in an NBA season that very sad season. I really don’t know how this one happened, but I am glad that it did.


Jahangir Khan

Jahangir Khan was a Pakistani squash player in the 80s who won 555 straight matches over 5 years. That seems like a typo, but it is certainly not. 555 matches. I don’t think I have ever done anything 555 times in a row successfully. I don’t even think that I could count that high without messing up. I have to wonder what the odds were on all of those matches.

113456176_Jahangir_Khan_of_Pakistan_with_the_trophy-SPORT_trans++p0UK_jEh0acXsIxj-tvrXmZCwEeoMtvt5DV6XyeldsIPhoto Credit:

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