I do not believe it, but the Cincinnati Bengals have won a football game. They were pretty much in control the entire game and it was a solid first win, albeit they were playing the Jets. The Jets have now given the Dolphins, who were 0-7 at the time, and the Bengals their first wins and I think that is very emblematic of the Jets. This win is pretty bittersweet for Bengals fans and could end up being bad for the team.

The more they win, the smaller the chance that the Bengals get the number 1 pick. However, they still are one game ahead of the Giants in the race to the bottom and they play the Browns twice, the Patriots, and the Dolphins. That could very easily be four more losses, but the Dolphins are very bad too and if the Bengals can play decently then that probably should be a win. If the Giants end up with the number 1 pick then I can see a scenario where they pick Chase Young and the Bengals pick Joe Burrow with the second pick. This honestly might be better so the Bengals don’t have the chance to get tempted by Chase Young. As long as the Bengals don’t go on a tear then everything should be okay.

After 11 losses, Zac Taylor finally got his first win as an NFL head coach and that was great to see. He seems to have won over the locker room and has obviously had a tough go of it in his first season. It was also very nice to see Andy Dalton come back and play well after being benched by the team in a wildly disrespectful move. Hopefully, he will be able to play well enough to get some looks for a trade after the season.

The Bengals are about as low as a franchise can get which means that the only way that they can go is up.

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