Andy Dalton Appreciation Post

usatsi-11730351.jpgCBS Sports

For all of the ups and downs throughout his entire career in Cincinnati, Andy Dalton deserves exactly the kind of respect he got today. He secured the Bengals’ first win of the season, which is nice, but more importantly, Dalton passed Ken Anderson for the all-time leader in passing touchdowns in a Bengal uniform. He has now passed for 198 touchdowns.

Dalton’s faced a lot of scrutiny these past nine seasons. Some of its been justified, but a lot of it shouldn’t fall on him. He and AJ Green managed to keep an organization afloat that has been dysfunctional–to say the least–for his first five seasons. In his career, the Bengals are 11 games over five hundred when Dalton starts. He has won games more than he has lost for Cincinnati fans who have been drowning in losing seasons by both the Bengals and Reds for decades.

Dalton’s been far from perfect, but Cincinnati fans should recognize what he’s done both on the field and for the city and be grateful. Hopefully, the Bengals organization does the right thing this offseason and deals the veteran quarterback to a team on the verge of contention, assuming they plan on drafting Burrow or Tua with the presumed number one overall pick.

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