Joe Burreaux


I love this with all my heart.

Joe Burrow has been, for all intents and purposes, the best quarterback in the country all year.  And the amount of love that LSU and even Buckeye fans have shown him has been very well documented.

But this right here is the definition of knowing your audience.

I’m sure the NCAA came down and said this is against some rule and Burrow will have to make a charitable donation before Saturday’s game against Georgia, but I doubt he cares.

The people of Louisiana have fallen in love with a kid from Athens, Ohio who is probably the best quarterback in school history.

As a Buckeye fan, It hurts to watch an Ohio kid like Burrow shine in another program, and best believe I won’t take any sort of moral victory away if he wins a natty AND a Heisman over Young/Fields/Dobbins, but man is it cool to see a dude who I watched sling the rock in his High School State Championship succeeding at the highest level.

Congrats to Joe on an incredible year in Baton Rouge, go ahead and lift that Heisman trophy high above your head in a couple weeks.

But maybe leave the other trophy alone, just for the sake of your home state;)

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